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Report Form for Reports or Complaints of Bullying
"Bullying" is a legal term in Indiana. To be considered "Bullying", actions must be repeated, overt, and unwanted. If you feel that the actions you have witnessed meet the legal definition as described, please proceed with the form below. *
Person filing report. Information may be filed and processed anonymously.
School Building *
Home Address
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Name of person you believe bullied you or another person. *
If the alleged bullying was toward a person other than yourself, identify the other person.
Dates and Times of Alleged Incidents *
Please list dates and times of "bullying" incidents that have occurred with the alleged "bully"
Describe the even as clearly as possible including such things as what force, if any, was used, any verbal statements made (threats, demands, requests, etc.) that were made, and any other relevant details. *
Where did this occur? *
List any witnesses who were present
This complaint is based upon my honest belief that the above mentioned individual has bullied me or another person. I understand that students who falsely report bullying may be subject to school discipline. This may include discipline up to expulsion and shall be dependent upon the nature of the false allegation. I also understand that students who allege bullying by another student may not be automatically exempt from counter allegations of bullying by that student or another student. By clicking below, I hereby certify that the information contained in this report is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also understand the consequences of knowingly filing a false bullying report. *
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