Code of Conduct, Waiver, and Acceptance Form
Welcome! we are glad to accept you to the Digital Naturalism Conference! We need a couple things from you first to help guarantee a fun, happy, and responsible conference!
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1) You need to download the "Release and Waiver Form" as well as the "Code of Conduct Form."
2) Sign the forms
3) upload them to this form and submit
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I actually read through the frequently asked questions about the conference *
Are there any specifc health concerns or otherwise we should be made aware of in order to best help you at the conference?
I acknowledge that this whole "conference" is not responsible for me or anyone in my group in any way. I am entirely responsible for transporting myself, keeping myself healthy, happy, and safe. *
I agree to be respectful to all other people and creatures at the conference. *
By submitting this document I agree to participate in the Digital Naturalism conference, and abide by its 3 basic rules to 1) make a thing, 2) document it publicly, 3) get feedback on my project (by two other people) *
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