Forza Stage - Lan Evo vs Impreza Championship Series - Official Sign Up Form
This form is for signing up to the Lan Evo vs Impreza Championship Series hosted by Forza Stage. Submitting this form successfully makes you eligible to race in all 6 rounds of the Lan Evo vs Impreza Championship Series, hosted weekly starting on February 16th 2019. All 6 rounds will be hosted at 4pm EST.

In this form, you must submit your Gamertag, your full Discord username (this MUST include your 4 digit number at the end of your username (e.g: Based#0001), which can be found in the bottom left of your screen on both PC and Mobile) and your car of choice. There are 10 cars to choose from (information on all cars and car eligibility can be found here). You cannot change your choice of car during the series.

You can sign up at any point during the series, and once you have signed up you will be eligible for all rounds remaining in the series, however you must sign up at least an hour before your first round in order to participate in that round.

If you have any questions, please contact Based#0001 or Twan Mclovin#2814 on Discord.

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