Eternalist v1.0 Feedback
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Did you try this new version of Eternalist? Why or why not?
If you did try Eternalist, what did you hope to accomplish and were you successful in accomplishing your goal? If you had no specific goal in mind, what are your thoughts on this version of the product?
Would you be more likely to use Eternalist if it were a mobile app?
Are you likely to share Eternalist with a friend or family member?
If Eternalist were built on the blockchain to ensure that you own your data and that no 3rd party (including the Eternalist team) could access your data, would you be more likely to use and share Eternalist with friends/family?
Are you okay with receiving a follow up email if we have questions about your responses?
Is there anything else you'd like to share? Perhaps mention how you would improve Eternalist?
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