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PLEASE READ BEFORE BEGINNING:We require all appropriate forms to be filled out COMPLETELY before any assignment is accepted. This process will allow us to provide the best possible care for your pets and your household.
Your privacy is extremely important to us. Two Dogs Pet Services will not share any of your information (including but not limited to: phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, key location, alarm/security information) without your prior authorization.
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List all adult pet owners living in the household who are authorized to make pet care decisions for the pets in Two Dogs Pet Services care.
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Include breed of all dogs listed. Include any special markings or features (ie: one blue eye, blind, three-legged, etc)
Vaccine History: Dates Rabies, DHPP and Bordatella vaccines were last given for dogs. Dates FELV, FVRCP, Rabies were last given for cats. For dogs who are licensed in your city, include their rabies tag number and expiration date. *
List each pet. Use "N/A" if indoor kitties. Include any special circumstances (such as FIV+)
Feeding instructions (please be specific): *
List each pet. What kind of food(s) does your dog/cat eat (include brand and flavor in case we ever need to replace)? How much each serving? How often? Other feeding instructions (ie: red bowl, eats by back door)
Medications, Supplements, or additions to meals.
If your dog/cat is on any medications or supplements that must be administered or added to food, please describe in detail. Include procedures, name, dosage, where it is kept, and any other details we need to know to best care for your pet(s).
Other important info/details: Where do your pets sleep? Does your dog/cat have a favorite game/favorite toy? Does your dog/cat have favorite hiding places? Where are leashes, collars, harnesses, pick-up bags, and waste drop located? Is your cat allowed outdoors? Where are cat litter boxes, extra litter, waste receptical, etc? Where are the treats? Any food sensitivities? *
Two Dogs Pet Services will not walk your dog(s) off leash for any reason. In case of an emergency, your sitter may need to put your dog on a leash for his/her safety. Where do you keep your cat(s) carrier(s)? (In case of an emergency, your sitter may need to place your cat in a carrier/cats in carriers for his/her/their own safety.) We highly recommend keeping a collar and current I.D. tags on your pet(s) at all times. We highly recommend having your pet(s) implanted with a microchip. Ask us for more information about any pet care products we use or recommend.
Traits that will help us take the best possible care of your dogs/cats. *
List any positive traits, or fears, anxieties, idiosyncrasies. For example: obeys basic commands, digs, barks, kitty loves the laser, loves to sit on your lap upsidedown and watch tv, fear of thinder or fireworks, must wear Thundershirt and be crated. Kitty does not like to be pet on her back, will bite and scratch, etc (include any incidents of nipping, biting, lunging, growling...ANY history of ANY aggression). Dogs: We do not breed discriminate. We will observe all pets during the meet and greet and determine if we are the correct fit for your specific pet based on their behavior toward us.
We are not responsible for any injuries or illnesses that occur while your dog/cat is in our care, but will provide the best care possible at all times. If your dog/cat lives or has unsupervised access to the outdoors, we are not responsible for the safety of your dog/cat while outdoors including but not limited to ingesting harmful materials, injury caused by other animals, injury/wandering due to unsecured fencing/gates, etc. We strongly recommend inspecting all areas your dog/cat has access to before you leave. *
If your cat is allowed to go outdoors, we are not responsible for the whereabouts of your cat while outside of your home. If your cat is inside only and likes to try to escape, please let us know.
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