Survey: Insights Into Conservatives
Dear Fellow Lovers of Liberty,

This survey is generally tailored from a conservative perspective, and I am hoping to get many people who have a conservative perspective to provide input. However, I recognize there are many people who love liberty as much as conservatives do who are not necessarily conservative. If you are in this category, I welcome and encourage you to take the survey and let your opinion be known, because true understand is best achieved by having people with multiple points of view answer the same question.

The last portion of the survey focuses on collecting basic demographic information, such as age, sex, state, etc., and these questions are required inputs. However, all questions regarding personally identifiable information, including name, email address, etc. are OPTIONAL. You can also choose to sign up for periodic updates regarding the results from the survey.

Although lovers of liberty will need to raise more money to be effective in projecting our values, there is NO request for donations in this survey.

Also, very briefly, the Tax Working Group ( is dedicated to working with people at the local and state levels to push back against unwarranted taxes, especially property taxes. If you choose, you can sign up to receive regular updates from the Tax Working Group regarding information on taxes and what you can do about them.

Thank you for your help! It is greatly appreciated.

Tom Hach
Tax Working Group
Rate Progressives' effectiveness *
Please rate your perception of the overall effectiveness of Progressives in influencing policy at the local community and/or state levels.
Rate Conservatives' effectiveness *
Please rate your perception of the overall effectiveness of Conservatives in influencing policy at the local community and/or state levels.
Your Top 2 Issues *
Please rank your Top 2 issues from the following list:
Your contributions to top issue *
Looking at the top issue you identified in the question above, would you donate money and/or volunteer time for an organization which addressed this issue in your community or state?
If you answered 'No' to the question above, please share why.
Weaknesses of the Conservative movement *
In your opinion, what are the 2 biggest weaknesses of the conservative movement today?
Which conservative organizations do you financially support, if any? *
List up to 3 conservative, non-religious organizations you support financially.
Amount of support *
How much financial support do you provide in total annually? (Approximate)
Inactive Conservatives *
If you know conservative people who are not actively supporting the conservative cause, provide up to 2 reasons why you think they are on the sidelines?
Strengths of Conservative Movement *
In your opinion, what are the 2 biggest strengths of the conservative movement today?
Strengths of Progressive Movement *
In your opinion, what are the 2 biggest strengths of the progressive movement today?
Can Conservatives win? *
Do you think the conservative movement, as constituted today, can win the battle against progressives?
Engagement with the Next Generation *
When you talk to younger people, what are the 2 issues you wish you could get through to them?
Do you consider yourself to be a conservative activist? *
If you answered 'No' to the question above, has this survey made you considering becoming a conservative activist?
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Comments Section: Additional responses and how can we improve?
Please provide additional answers to survey questions and/or let us know how to improve this survey to better engage with conservatives.
Demographic Information *
What is your home state (two letter abbreviation)?
Are you male or female? *
What is your age range? *
How would you describe yourself politically? *
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