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IMPORTANT NOTES:  As is typical in the concrete industry, Allied does not warrant against cracking or normal color variation in concrete as these may occur despite proper materials and installation.  We do stand behind our workmanship and materials, and so we send a maintenance representative to inspect all maintenance requests to determine the cause of any defects, where possible, and to discuss the repair options available to us.
Collateral damage as a result of recent concrete work
We strive to minimize our impact on your property, but occasionally our concrete construction activity results in damage to things like sprinklers and pool coping, tile, and equipment.  If you suspect we have damaged something at your property, we will investigate and make a determination on the best path forward.
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Replacement of joint sealant
Your control and expansion joints may have been filled with commercial grade, self leveling sealant.  The slabs connected at these joints are constantly expanding, contracting, and sometimes shifting, which can affect the bond of the sealant to the concrete.  We can typically replace some or all of this sealant for a reasonable price.
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Color and sealer touch up
(prices vary, $200 minimum) If your decorative concrete color fades in areas or begins peeling, it probably just needs cleaning or re-sealing. If these won’t help, there are a few likely causes: pool chemicals, oil- or acid-based cleaners, landscape treatments, hard water, excessive power washing, or minerals or ground moisture moving up through your slab. Any of these may be giving your project a “stripped,” cloudy, or white appearance. Such issues can usually be improved or reversed through relatively inexpensive treatments including xylene baths and/or re-sealing.  If the colored surface is chipped or scratched, we can usually install a patch, though the color and texture will not perfectly match the original installation.
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(prices vary) Your concrete project was installed with drainage in mind.  A general rule of thumb is that water should not be ponding on residential hardscapes 15 minutes after a normal rain event.  While we cannot guarantee perfect drainage for every scenario or for the most severe storms, if you have significant drainage issues on a recent installation, we will come evaluate the options.  If a drain we have installed is no longer working properly, it is probably just clogged with yard debris.  It's usually the best option to have your landscaping contractor clean these out periodically.
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Crack inspection & epoxy repair
(prices vary, $200 minimum) Houston Concrete endeavors to minimize settling and cracking of the concrete we place. However, concrete placed on grade will expand, contract, shrink, settle, and, therefore, crack despite our efforts.  As a result, hairline and shrinkage cracks are an inevitable part of any concrete project.  For “major cracking” (defined as: cracks wider than 1/8 inch (average) AND that are longer than 30% of the perimeter of each cracked panel), it may be possible to apply epoxy such that future movement is controlled and water infiltration will not continue to make the crack worse.  An onsite inspection may be required to determine the best course of action.
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Thank you for completing this form.  A maintenance representative will be in contact within a week to schedule an appointment.  If not, please contact us at 713-973-9794.
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