Graphic Design Project Assessment
Congratulations on taking the first step to building your brand. We are excited to assist you in creating some great digital marketing for your business and/or organization. In order to better assist you, we have created an assessment to get to know your business a little bit better. The more you share, the better!
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Take Your Time
The following questions will assist us in the direction in which you want to build your brand. By answering these questions, we will be able to streamline the design process.
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What products or services does your company provide? *
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A La Carte graphic services provided
Do you have a color or typography palette? *
If you answered yes, please provide your color palette and typography .
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What elements would you like to see in your graphics? *
Elements can be imagery, metal finishes, objects, font types, and more.
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What is your company's mission statement or tagline? *
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Where will your graphics be primarily used? *
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Who is your primary target audience? Ex.: Gender, Age, Income, etc. *
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Budgeting Your Business
The next few questions will help us determine how we can maximize your budget.
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How many concepts would you like to see? Ex.: Logo and Small Branding Projects (business card, reward cards, etc.) *
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Additional Information
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please share them and we will be happy to assist.
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What's Next
Thank you for spending some time completing our assessment. Based on the answers you have provided, we will conduct our research and provide you with a quote for your requested project.
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