Anoka Squadron Cadet Test and Promotion Board Request Form
Please fill out this form with your request. Questions can be directed to Maj Albright
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Leadership Milestone Tests
Aerospace Education Milestone Tests
PT Test
Anoka does squadron PT testing every other month. However, if you need a PT test to promote prior to the next PT night, please submit this inquiry to the testing officer in advance.
Drill Test
Please select the Drill Test you'd like to take. NOTE: If you are attempting to earn the Wright Brothers Award to C/SSgt, you need to select the Comprehensive Test in the Leadership section.
SDA Oral Presentation (Cadet Officers only)
Cadet officers select this option once your SDA Technical Document is completed and you are ready to do your oral presentation.
Chief Speech Presentation (Ach 8)
General Promotion
If you are ready for a promotion, please indicate which grade you are ready to promote to. (eg If you are ready to promotion to C/A1C, select C/A1C). If you are not requesting a promotion, choose NONE.
Promotion Board
If you need a board for your next promotion, please select the board you need. Please remember that officer boards should be requested at least 2 weeks in advance.
New Member Board
If you have attended 3 meetings and are ready to join, select this option.
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