Questions for ChiTown Screenwriting
On Getting Produced and/or On Increasing Visibility On Screen for Diversely Inclusive Stories
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What's the first project you produced and how did you get it made? 
What do you think has been most key for you sustaining a successful career in the film/tv industry navigating the multiple, seismic industry shifts in form and content financing, production, distribution? Might be something industry-specific, might be something about who you are as a person in your personal outlook on life and work ethic?
What advice do you have to writers, or writer/directors, navigating getting their work seen by the right people at the right time, and/or getting it acquired for financing, production, distribution?
What types of stories are still not as visible on screen? What should we be looking for as writers, directors, producers-- whose stories, about what -- to tell, write, make, share? 
What problem(s) do you think we face culturally and/or as an industry in terms of getting more visibly diverse content on screen? 
What changes would you like to see in terms of content consumption or content production / distribution? This might be culturally, might be industry-wide, anything goes here. 
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