2D Vtube Avatar Commission FORM
Thank you for stopping by! Please note this commission form is for 2D Vtube model PSD files only - NO RIGGING. File ready for Live2D.


It includes lots of information that also may answer any questions you might have.

How the process works:

• Once you have filled out the commission form I will contact you back via email, twitter, discord etc. you provide
in said form to make sure all the details are worked out.
• Payment must be made before I begin working
• Once payment has been received I will confirm it with you.
• Price will vary depending on complexity & add-ons.
• Pricing is subject to change
• All references provided must be clear
• Commission ETA depends on how many I have going.
• Commercial fee already included
• Rush Fee = +30%

Thank you for the support!
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Email *
Terms of Service
✨Subject to changes at any given time.

✨I have the right to refuse a commission without a reason.

✨Please make sure you read all of the TOS, by paying me for a commission, you accept all terms and conditions stated here.

✨I am easily contacted through my email: corinnafaye@gmail.com

🌞How the process works:

⭐ Once you have filled out the commission form I will contact you back via the email, twitter, discord etc. you provided in said
form to make sure all the details are worked out.
⭐ At this time I will expect full payment to be made for the commission.
⭐ Once payment has been received I will confirm it with you.
⭐ If commission is requested to be expedited there will be additional charge to be bumped up to the top of the list.
Commission ETA depends on how many I have going.
⭐ You will receive a zip file of all PSDs ready to upload in Live2D.


⭐All prices and payments are in USD.
⭐All payments as of right now are through PayPal and PayPal's invoicing system.
⭐All payments must be made IN FULL before I start the commission. In some cases I will allow 50%/50% (pay half now, the other half later) PLEASE discuss this with me when I reach out to you about your commission details prior to me sending your invoice. Delayed or late payments taking longer then 24 hours will have to run through me for approval.
⭐If payments are not received in a timely manner, I will notify you that you have lost the slot and it will go to another person.


⭐No refunds, but feel free to ask for revisions.
⭐I do try my best to make sure everything is alright with your art work before it is finished.
⭐IN THE CASE you need to CANCEL the commission, as long as nothing has been started yet I will give a complete refund.
⭐If you need a refund AFTER the commission has started you will only get a certain percentage of your refund back depending
on how much work has been done on the commission.

👻Lost communication:

⭐If a commissioner has requested an update process to their commission(i.e. need to see the sketch, lines etc.), prompt and
clear communication is necessary.
⭐If I have not received any communication from the commissioner within 2 weeks, then the commission will be bumped to the
bottom of my queue and stay there until communication is established again.
⭐If communication does not pick up after 3 months from the initial order date of the commission, the commission slot is
forfeited, erased from my list, and no refunds will ever be given.

⚙️About the Art Process:

⭐Once info about the commission is received and I start on it, I usually will take minimal changes to the art in the sketching
process. Anything that wants to be changed after the sketch will result in a small fee for said changes.

✏️💲Changes Fee:

⭐I will allow 3 small changes to be made to your image in sketch phase. After the 3rd change I will charge a $15.00 fee PER
change to your image.
⭐If you fail to give me clear reference picture(s) for your commission and do not specify what you want in detail I am not
responsible for those changes and they will cost extra. PLEASE give me all suitable references for your commission BEFORE
it is completed. Anything you leave out of your references or description that you spot after the commission is done will not
be fixed unless a fee is paid.

🎨References and Descriptions:

⭐Should you leave out any detail you leave it up to me to use my creative freedom to complete the piece.
⭐I prefer to have some sort of picture reference or detailed text descriptions. If your character is brand new with no pictures of
it currently, Please take the time to find color refs, hair refs, clothes refs, etc. should it pertain to your commission.
⭐Keep in mind of my art style that comes into play. I don’t attempt to copy or imitate other styles of art work. You are
commissioning me because you took interest in my particular style.
⭐If you do have a picture reference, but it’s not quite what needs to be in the commission please tell me what is different.

📜Commercial Fee:
⭐Commercial fee is included in Vtube commissions.

🌙What I offer as far as an artist:

⭐Fast and prompt turn out times.
⭐Making sure you are happy with the final result.
⭐I will never be angry if you reasonably ask for an update on your art.
⭐I keep your files all saved in Clip Studio/Procreate/PSD formatting for easy access for up to 6 months.
Vtube model Examples (from previous clients)
Please select an option: *
Expressions? (Comes with default mouth/smile closed mouth/smile open - additional expressions will be another $20 per) *
If you answered 'Yes' for additional expressions, please indicate what expressions you want. The extra cost will be calculated and quoted to you once form is submitted and I reach out!
Twitch Channel (username or twitch web address)
Are you okay if I stream the commission and/or post the finished commission on Social Media? *
References? Image references help me a lot! You may provide links or photos. This can include clothing, characters, expressions, etc.
Additional Details? Anything you couldn't provide in a photo reference please describe here. I will attempt to contact you should I need any clarification, otherwise I will take creative freedom with your piece.
Paypal Email/Address for Payment (This is the address that will be invoiced) *
Best method to contact you (Email, Twitter, Discord; please include username) This is where I will confirm your order as well as go into further details about your commission, send you updates, sketches, etc. *
Email to submit completed files to *
Did you read the Terms of Service? *
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