Dr. Cushing's Chamber of Horrors Blog Tour
A classic "monster rally" tale, Stephen Sullivan's "Dr. Cushing's Chamber of Horrors" creeps along the realms of horrific and plunges his readers into outright terror with this throwback to the cult classics whence horror was born.
Out August 30, 2020 from Walkabout Publishing, "Dr. Cushing's Chamber of Horrors" contains the thrills and chills to get Halloween done right.


About the Book:
The monsters aren’t only in the museum!

Despite a lifetime of traveling with their father to collect strange artifacts, twins Topaz and Opal Cushing have never fully believed in monsters or the supernatural. Oh, sure, they share an eerie psychic connection, and their tarot card readings often come true, but… Werewolves? Vampires? Living mummies? None of those could be real. Those legends are just for rubes. Right?

Since the girls’ father has been away, though, strange things have been happening in the family’s little exhibit—and in the waxworks studio that shares their dilapidated Victorian mansion on the outskirts of London. Now, the twins’ dreams of a fun, romantic summer season are turning into a nightmare, and the monsters are running...

Dr. Cushing’s Chamber of Horrors!

Buy it now on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Cushings-Chamber-Horrors-Cushing-Book-ebook/dp/B08F13XKQG/ 


Advance Praise for Dr. Cushing's Chamber of Horrors:

“Dr. Cushing is easily Sullivan’s best creation to date! Mixing the roller-coaster thrills of the Universal monster rally films like House of Frankenstein with the moody sexiness of Hammer’s 1960s gothic horrors, he throws in more monster fun than anyone has a right to expect! I’m ready for the sequel—now!”
— Rodney Barnett, film scholar and co-host of the NaschyCast horror podcast

“I just loved this eerie and fun offering with its Vincent Price-inspired wax museum and lots of old-time monsters creeping about in the shadows, from the Werewolf to the Mummy, and more. Sure to give you good shivers that'll keep you up all night!”
— C.A. Verstraete, author of the Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter series


About the Author:
Stephen Sullivan was born in 1959 in Illinois, grew up in Massachusetts, attended SMU (U. Mass, Dartmouth), and moved to Wisconsin to work on Dungeons & Dragons (for TSR) in 1980. He's been in Wisconsin ever since, writing stories, drawing, gaming, and raising his (now grown) kids with his wife of forty years.

With more than sixty published titles to his name (counting the anthologies, collections, and the ghost-written stuff not listed by name on Amazon), he's also helped create more comics and games than he can either list or remember--including D&D, Iron Man, Dragonlance, Spider Riders, Fantastic 4, Star Wars, Speed Racer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Middle Earth, Thunderbirds, The Simpsons, Darkwing Duck, The Twilight Empire, the Blue Kingdoms (with co-creator Jean Rabe), and many, many more.

Recent books include Daikaiju Attack (the giant monster novel), the finale of his fantasy epic, Tournament of Death 4, and novelizations of the horror classics White Zombie, and Manos: The Hands of Fate (Scribe Award-winner for "Best Novel Adaptation, 2016").

You can contact him via Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, or on his website. Find out more about his projects at: www.stephendsullivan.com
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