Merit Badge Counselor Signup Form
Troop 171 maintains a list of troop level merit badge counselors. Some merit badges, such as those required to earn Eagle, are in high demand. Others have never been earned in the history of the troop.

We need multiple counselors for the popular merit badges. It is also a goal to have as many of the others covered as well.

Steps to Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor
1. Complete this form to choose your areas of interest and/or expertise.
2. Complete Youth Protection Training.
3. Complete a BSA Adult Application (see Barb Allan)
4. Complete a BSA Merit Badge Counselor Application Form [linked to the Troop 171 website]
5. Attend a Troop 171 merit badge introduction night [optional]

1. How many merit badges can I sign up to teach?
• BSA does not have a limit. However, as a troop, we ask you to sign up for no more than 10 merit badges.
The goal is to pick merit badges to counsel based upon your expertise either from your profession, vocation or hobbies.

2. Can I be a counselor for my own son?
• Yes, as long as you are a counselor for other Scouts in the troop. However, we have a troop limit of 5 merit badges. A large benefit of merit badge counselors is the skill of meeting and working with other adults. This same limit applies to the number of badges any Scout may earn from a single counselor, even if not a parent.

3. When can I teach a merit badge?
• On your own time [following YPT two-deep guidelines]
• Before a troop meeting
• During an organized troop meeting merit badge session
• At Flaming Gorge or other camp situation

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The merit badges below are in several sections. Please keep your choices to 10 merit badges for all sections combined.

Section 1: Eagle Required
Section 2: MB's with special training certifications
Section 3: All other merit badges available

Citizenship in the Community
Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the World
Lifesaving or Emergency Preparedness
Environmental Science or Sustainability
Family Life
First Aid
Personal Fitness
Personal Management
Swimming, Hiking, or Cycling

1. Eagle Required - Common Choices
As requested above, please limit your choices to 10 merit badges between all three sets of merit badges in this signup.
2. MB's With Special Certifications
These merit badges have special certifications, mostly through BSA classes.
Paddle Craft Certification
• Canoeing
• Kayaking
• Rowing
• Whitewater

BSA Climbing Certification (various levels available)
• Climbing

NCS or NRA Certified Instructor
• Rifle Shooting
• Shotgun Shooting

• Archery

Nationally Recognized Instructor Certifying Agency (PADI, SSI, NAUI, etc)
• Scuba Diving

Special Certifications
As requested above, please limit your choices to 10 merit badges between all three sets of merit badges in this signup.
Special Certifications
If you have volunteered for one of the merit badges that require special certifications in the section above, please the certification or certification agency here. If you don't have the certification at this time, but plan on obtaining it, please note it here.
Your answer
3. All other MB's
As requested above, please limit your choices to 10 merit badges between all three sets of merit badges in this signup.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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