Red Cloud Gaming Membership Form
Welcome to the Application Form to be part of Red Cloud Gaming. Please read this carefully before proceeding with the next steps.


1. Red Cloud Gaming is part of Red Cloud Interactive Marketing Services.
2. It is created to help streamers, e-sports enthusiast and gamers to have a unified platform.
3. It is created to help members create partnership with brands.
4. It is created as part of the Digital Marketing services of Red Cloud Interactive.


1. Help you in reaching your goals.
2. Provide you with a platform to advertise your streams, get help from other streamers, connect with fellow streamers and fans.
3. Make you regular partners of Red Cloud Interactive events and gather event fans towards you.
4. Highlight you in applicable websites and blogs of Red Cloud Interactive including but not limited to blog articles, profile and more.
5. Provide relevant contant support for you.
6. Provide means to expand your chosen endeavor by means of giving access to the same client access we have.


1. Dedicate at least 2-3 hours once a week to stream at the designated Streaming Site of Red Cloud Gaming, if you are one of the chosen streamer partners.
2. Use the logo provided in lawful manners and at all times in order to promote our brand collectively.
3. Promote the brand and fellow members in the best possible way.
4. Share and promote the brand.
5. Be part of current and future entitlements as may be agreed upon.


1. This agreement is entered into between the person who signed this form and the channel/page he represents.
2. This agreement and membership form does not constitute Red Cloud Interactive Marketing Services endorsement of the stream and content of the member.
3. The member is fully responsible for the legality of the content he streams on his channel.
4. The member is fully responsible for the legality of his individual actions.
5. The member fully withholds Red Cloud Interactive Marketing Services from any legal obligation arising from his individual action in this agreement.
6. By signing this form, the member consents in providing his information to Red Cloud Interactive Marketing Services and understood that the data can be shared with its affiliates.
Do you agree with the TERMS and CONDITIONS above? *
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