E3D Beta Tester Application
We're on the hunt for trustworthy, capable Beta testers to collaborate with on future product launches. All we need to know is a little about you, your printers and where your skill sets lie. Excitingly, we have a new HotEnd that will be ready for testing in the next couple of weeks.

What do we want you to do?

1) Print with your current setup, record the percentage of prints that fail, the reason they fail, and for successful prints collect some thoughts and comments on print quality
2) Change just the HotEnd in your system, for HotEnd "Y"
3) Repeat part 1 for HotEnd "Y"
4) Feedback to us on reliability and print quality if there's been any positive or negative change from your original setup
5) If you had to adjust/tune your print settings, it would be great to know what changes you had to make
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