ArtJump FUNdRAISER - Art Application 2018
Welcome! We're delighted for you to submit your art for making ArtJump FUNdRAISER awesome!
This form is if you want to DISPLAY your art during the FUNdRAISER event, and NOT have your art auctioned or apply for the ArtJump grant. Check our ArtJump FUNdRAISER page for more info.

We can't wait to see your AMAZING ART - your participation is vital to building an amazing event!
Please keep our 10 Principles in mind, as this is core to our community.
Please remember... you must submit this form by March 19th 2018, as we build our Dutch Playa with your art in mind.
We will answer you between March 20th and 26th 2018.

Have fun, everyone!

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With Structural Art Work we mean a large, wooden/other material art piece which needs a lot of assembling.
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