Project Socrates: Advice to Your 21 Year Old Self
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What's this about?
Every single one of us see the world differently from everybody else. These views are shaped by the environments we develop in and by the decisions that we make on a daily basis. This project aims to informally gather as many different insights from a diverse group of individuals of all ages (even those younger than 21) in order to come up with an extensive collection of stories and valuable lessons that would be compiled, then shared for anyone interested!

The project is named after the philosopher, Socrates, who believed in the power of using provocative questions when it comes to learning and teaching.

Your Privacy:
Although it would be best if you can answer all of the questions, there will be some that you may not feel comfortable with, so skip as many as you like. Only Jerimie Lee will have access to your submissions, and no personally identifiable information will be published without your written permission.

Updates and any media produced from the responses will be posted here:

Thank you so much for your time!

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