Penny Auction Nomination Form
Please fill in the form below to send in your nomination for the penny auction. You may nominate as many powers as you'd like, but please use a new form each time. We will be taking nominations until Spring Equinox or until we have 16 contenders. Thank you!
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What power would you like to nominate? *
We use power here to keep things fairly generalized. We usually have nominations of deities, but have also seen nominations for animals like Rabbit and even Captain Kirk. The following powers cannot be nominated based on our rules: Gaia, Dionysus, Brigid, Danu, Morrigan, and Bast.
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Pantheon, etc
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Why is your nomination a good choice for Gaia Community? *
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If your nomination moves on to God Auction, are you available to help out?
Common ways to help: represent the power at God Auction (aspecting), scribe for the power at God Auction, assist the God Auction team with research.
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