Soirée Pratique 2014-2015: Order form
To build your own robot, you'll need components. You can bring your own, or order groups of components (packages) as described below.
Bring the exact amount of money with you to the next session, in which we'll distribute the ordered parts.
Specified component names/types are only indications, this may vary a little
The order form will be updated coming weeks with e.g. sensors.
Tips for a frame: or lego.


*IEEE members get extra's and reduced prices
*IEEE will refund the motors (24€) of robots that participate in our sumo robot competition

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Motor Package: 2 Lego XL Motors, 1 motor controller, 1 battery holder for 6 AA batteries
Separate components
Arduino Uno
Motor controller DRV8835
Lego power functions XL motor
Battery holder 6xAA
Lego wheel (Tyre Normal Wide Ø43,2 X 22 en Rim Wide W.Cross 30/20)
Largest available, but only just larger than motor diameter!
Lego Cable (optional)
In case you don't want to cut the cables of the Lego motors
CONDITIONS APPLY: the parts have to be paid before we order (session before a deadline), mention the DESIGN ID, the price for 1 piece and the number of pieces. Your advantage: no shipping costs
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