Crossroads2Crossroads Fundraiser
Men love a challenge!

This Fall (October 6,7,8), in support and appreciation for the work of Crossroads Center Rescue Mission, men from two Catholic Church parishes in Kearney are inviting local men to participate in a Fundraiser/Pilgrimage.

The goal is to walk from Crossroads Kearney to Crossroads Hastings (Crossroads 2 Crossroads) a distance of about 45 miles utilizing the new hike/bike trail extension and gravel country roads. The event will break the mileage up into 3 segments with overnights at Fort Kearney and Kenesaw. Though primarily a fundraiser, this is also a walk with a goal to seek a deeper relationship with Christ as He transforms the event into a spiritual pilgrimage. The Crossroads2Crossroads event will attempt to supplement much needed financial funds for Crossroads, including building projects in Kearney.

We hope that walkers will assemble and walk in a spirit of solidarity - to better understand the hardships of being homeless and God’s merciful heart toward those in need.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where do we start from?
A: Assemble at St James Church, in Kearney, at Noon on Friday Oct 6th .

Q: What clothes, shoes, and gear should I bring?
A: Average temperatures for this time of year will low70’s/low 40’s. Avoid cotton socks and underclothing and choose wicking fabrics. Foot apparel is the most important investment for a long walk. An example of a reasonably priced shoe that breaks in quickly is the Merrell Moab. An example of a good sock is the Defeet WoolEator HiTop. Consider bringing a second pair of shoes and socks to alternate when feet get wet or sore.

Bringing a day pack/back pack is a good idea. It can hold rain gear, 1-2 liters of water, and few snacks. If
we do get rain non-cotton clothes will dry quickly so rain pants not needed.

Q: Will showers be available at the campsites?
A: Yes, at both campsites.

Q: Is there a fee to register?
A: No, but each walker expected to raise $200 in pledges. Please download the Pledge Form found on
this site.

Q: Will my gear be transported to each campsite?
A: Yes, a vehicle will transport gear.

Q: Do I need a tent for the overnight stays?
A: Boy Scout Troop 158 will provide some tents if you do not have one to bring. Bring a sleeping bag and
pad however.

Q: Will meals and water be provided?
A: Yes, all main meals will be provided but packing a few small snacks might be advisable.

Q: How will we get back to St James Church where we started if we walk the three days?
A: Transportation will be provided.

Q: Can I watch the Huskers Game on Saturday night?
A: Yes, that will be possible.

Rules and Expectations:
1. All teenagers under 19 years of age are expected to present parental permission to participate in the event. A parent or another adult guardian must be present with them.
2. Walkers with health problems are expected to notify the event organizers about any health related issues at the time of registration.
3. Smoking and using alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are prohibited during the entire event.
4. Because of safety concerns, only service cars may follow the pilgrimage. No other cars may follow or stop by the walkers as they are walking.
5. Littering is prohibited in rest areas, nightly campsites, and along the entire route of the walk.
6. Walkers who do not follow the event rules will be dismissed from the walk immediately.
7. All walkers are expected to follow safety rules on the road as well as at the campsites.


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