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This form is to help us gauge interest in our Groundwater Monitoring that we will be conducting in the spring, summer, and early fall. No experience needed.

Groundwater is under our feet wherever we are, and we are lucky to be able to sample the set of monitoring wells in Greenough Park. Sampling consists of finding and opening the wells (like the one pictured above), and dropping an electric measuring tape down the well to read the depth of the water. By sampling wells all along the park we are able to get a reasonably accurate picture of what the aquifer is looking like at that time.

We would be meeting in Greenough Park and either walking or biking around the park to the various wells to take measurements. While most of our experiences in Greenough Park are at or near the pavilion, the wells we will be sampling are scattered at regular intervals across the 42 acres of park grounds.

Please feel free to email Stephie and Brook with any questions!  stephie@montanawatershed.org brook@montanawatershed.org
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