Polymer Ambassador Application
Polymer Ambassadors are an enthusiastic group from all corners of the United States. We design laboratories, practice demonstrations, organize workshops, and develop written materials that will promote polymer education. We receive an annual allotment for travel expenses and materials only to present workshops at local, regional, state and national conventions. Polymer Ambassadors do not receive monetary compensation for their time. We learn to work as a team with others who are chosen to be Ambassadors. We teach in grades K-12 as classroom teachers. Meeting new people, traveling to interesting places, learning about polymers from industrial engineers and chemists, working cooperatively, and having a good time are all experiences of a Polymer Ambassador.

Understanding of the Expectations of an Ambassador
Your school and you read the expectations of being a polymer ambassador found on the main page of the website and agree to all of the guidelines, especially the guideline of attending the meetings and conference.
Read the guidelines and sent a letter of support from the school to luvchem@gmail.com *
The letter is being sent from the email address: *
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