Cookies4[MyDisease] Application
We fund cookie at a time.

We want to help launch 5 new Cookies4Cures fundraising efforts. We are looking for kids who are passionate about raising money to fund research into specific rare childhood diseases. Tell us your story and what you'd like to do!

1. Applicants must be 18 years old or younger and must have a sponsoring adult. Applicants and their adults should fill out this form together.
2. Funds raised must support research.
3. Applicants must commit to raising at least $1000.

Anyone is welcome to start a Cookies4Cures fundraiser and we want to help launch as many new projects as possible. We are committed to offering hands-on mentoring to at least 5 new organizations. As part of our mentoring, we can offer:
* Resources, fliers, and tips and tricks for running awesome bake sales.
* Advertising to our Cookies4Cures network.
* Help contacting the research organization that you'd like to raise money for to get support and storytelling information.
* Help setting up a GoFundMe account and linking it to that organization.
* Answers to any nuts and bolts questions that may arise.
* Lots and lots of encouragement!

Cookies4Cures is an organization founded by kids, for kids. Even though there are a lot of rare diseases, we know there are also a lot of kids who care. And even though we are kids, don’t underestimate us. We work hard. We are adorably great sales people. And we can make a difference.

Thank you so much for your interest!

With hope, butter, and love,
Dana and the Cookies4Cures kids
What disease would you like to raise money for? *
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How has this disease impacted you, your family, and/or friends? *
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What organization will you raise money for? Please provide contact information such as a webpage, photo number, and/or human contact. *
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How much of your disease impact story can you publicly share? We have found that the most effective campaigns have a "face of the disease" story that can share personal stories and photos. *
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Please tell us about yourself. Include your name, age, the city you live in, and why you want to launch a Cookies4Cures fundraiser. *
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Contact Info: How can we reach you? Please include a phone number and email address. *
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Who is your primary adult that will be responsible for overseeing money, managing logistics, and ensuring the safety of all kids involved? Please include name, relation to applicant, email, and phone number.
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Can you commit to raising at least $1000 for your cause? *
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