Productive Environment Scorecard™ for Professionals
Are you performing at the top of your game when it comes to management of your space, time, and information? Answer these questions to determine how productive you - and your environment - truly are. With greater productivity comes increased profitability! Use the scale with 1 indicating NOT AT ALL and 5 indicating ABSOLUTELY
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1. I am comfortable with the amount of time I spend on email. *
2. I can find information in my computer within seconds. *
3. I have plenty of space in my office. *
4. I quickly & easily determine what information to keep, and what information to discard. *
5. I have a systematic method for purging outdated papers & digital files. *
6. I have a satisfactory system for managing my finances. [budgeting, banking, bookkeeping] *
7. I am satisfied with the way I manage my time. *
8. I have a structured system for managing projects and work-in-progress. *
9. I am not overwhelmed by what I need or want to do. *
10. I can easily prioritize my work. *
11. I am confident others can find what they need if I am not available. *
12. My office reflects the quality of work I provide. *
The one thing that would make the biggest improvement in my productivity is...
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