MOM's 5 MINUTE QUIZ-07.31.17
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1. True or False: The Targeted Display Custom Audience Form is to be submitted in advance of selling any OnTarget campaign. It does not need to be used if the campaign is using inventory only. *
2. True or False: The ThriveHive Social Media Advertising packages feature the ability to target Facebook and Instagram users. When setting up these campaigns we must identify which channel to use. *
3. True or False: A number of ad positions on our (O&O) websites feature "Lazy Load." This means that the ad positions are intentionally slowed down in loading so we don't waste impressions on users that click away from the page quickly. *
4. Best answer please: According to the GateHouse Media website, GateHouse products reach how many people each week? *
5. True or False: The ThriveHive Local Listings Builder is a significantly improved product compared to Propel's List Optimization. While this is meant for single location businesses, it can be easlily expanded to benefit multi-location businesses. *
BONUS Question-Best answer please: In what town was North Carolina's first newspaper published?
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