Registration for Data Science Nigeria AI Bootcamp 2019: Intercampus Machine Learning and Deep Learning Nigeria holding 19-23 November, 2019
The InterCampus Machine Learning and the Deep Learning Nigeria 2019 Bootcamp are the 2 qualification routes to the Data Science Nigeria Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp, which is designed to raise a generation of data scientists and Artificial Intelligence experts from all Nigerian universities, polytechnics, colleges and various institutions. It is aimed at upscaling Nigerians with requisite world-class best practice, industry-relevant knowledge and research-readiness skills that support transformational solution development, employability and competitive positioning for global academic opportunities.

It is the ultimate learning and application bootcamp facilitated by leading global experts who will fly to Nigeria to teach and mentor. We have confirmed 11 USA/UK/Europe-based experts who will fly in to run these classes with leading professionals and business leaders in Nigeria.

IT IS ALL EXPENSE-PAID and FULLY RESIDENTIAL for the best of the best. Travel grant will be provided to participants traveling to the bootcamp from outside Lagos State. It requires intensive pre-qualification via 100-day ML classes, Kaggle competition and Qualification Quiz

Updated Calendar- Bootcamp now holds 19-23 November, 2019

100 Days of Machine Learning
• 1 May to 27 May – 25 days of online class. Past videos of classes available at
• 28 May to 9 June – Kaggle Break and Reflections
• 10 June to 5 July – 25 days Class
• 6 July to 14 July – Reflection Break
• 15 July to 9 Aug – 25 days Class
• 12 Aug to 25 Aug – Reflection Break
• 26 Aug to 19 Sept – 25 days Class

Kaggle Competition
• Competition via -23 Sept to 23 Oct
• Kaggle Verification Quiz -24 Oct to 3 Nov
• Announcement of 2019 AI Bootcamp participants - 5 Nov

• AI Bootcamp, Lagos, Nigeria 19 November to 23 November

Intercampus Machine learning:
Deep Learning Nigeria:

Why you should be excited to participate:
• Top performers will be considered for scholarship support to the Stellenbosch’s Master in Machine Learning in South Africa (
• An opportunity for a rewarding career in the world’s No 1 career – Data Science/Artificial Intelligence.
• A platform to explore emerging research opportunities globally
• A knowledge trigger to fulfil entrepreneurial dream as an AI-first start-up focussed on solving local problems in financial inclusion, health, agriculture etc. by embedding domain knowledge.

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