Friends of Trees: Plant trees by bike!
It's bike planting season again with Friends of Trees! Join us on your bike to plant trees in this uniquely-Northwest way!

Arrive at 8:30 - 8:45am to be registered to a bike crew. Grab coffee and breakfast treats, and then help load trees and tools onto bike trailers -- and tally ho -- we're off to plant trees by bike!

Click the plantings below that you would like to attend so we can get an accurate count of how many bike planters are coming. We'll be in touch the week prior to confirm details of the planting.

Note: if you are a homeowner receiving a tree on planting day, please make sure to fill in your street address so that you are placed on biking group who'll be planting your tree!

Thanks for your interest in participating in this fun way to plant trees -- we'll see you out there soon!

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All events run 9am-1pm unless otherwise noted. Please know there are some days where two events are running concurrently (2/2/19, 2/9/19). These are particularly high needs days for bike planters!
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