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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to respond to this form. 

Mercury Store is exploring the idea of offering classes for performing artists; one-off workshops or classes of 2-3 hours. We are thinking in three different categories: theatre as artistic practice (like projection design), practical skills for artists (like tax prep for artists), and entirely non-theatre courses (like vegan baking).

Below are some questions designed to find out your level and areas of interest. We want to know what the conditions would be (time, money, topic) that would actually compel you to come. The form is anonymous, but if you are willing to talk further, please include your name/email in the final question.

Again, thank you!  Mercury Store Team
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Are you interested in taking theatre classes or workshops? (For example: devising strategies, directing technique for non-directors, solo performance practice, clowning, etc.) *
Are you interested in taking practical classes for artists? (For example: tax planning, SDC & AEA, independent producing, grant opportunities, etc.) *
Are you interested in taking NON-theatrical classes? An opportunity to learn something new. (For example: Astrophysics, the Novels of Henry James, Living History Museums, etc.)  *
How much would you pay to take a 2 or 3 hour class? Put another way, what would be the price point at which you would feel excited and free to take a class occasionally? *
Are there times of the day or days of the week that are best for you? *
Are there particular topics in theatre and the performing arts in which you wish you could take a class? Areas of interest? Areas where you feel under-resourced?

Are there particular topics outside of theatre you wish you could take a class in? If yes, please indicate what they are/might be. 

Please leave your name and email below if you are interested in talking further. Many thanks!
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