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Do you want to learn more about STORIES and STORYTELLING?

Register to the series of online workshops on Storytelling hosted by Carmine Rodi
(more about Carmine on or read his blog "To Say Nothing of the Cat" on

Since NOVEMBER 2020 we are going deeper, bigger and better. The special price promotion is over but don't worry, this means you are going get the improved, enhanced version of the workshops, improved after the feedback of 200+ participants.

PRICING: 19 € for 1 workshop and 69 € for the whole series of 4.
If you apply to the whole series with a friend or colleague, each person will receive a discount of 5 eur.
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Who are you and why are you interested in the workshops? Where/how do you plan to use stories and storytelling? This will help us to custom tailor tools and content. *
Are you registering together with another person (or more)? if so, please indicate their names. If you register to the full series, each can benefit from a 5 eur discount.
For which workshop(s) are you applying? You can select one or more. Each workshop will last 120 minutes + space for some questions. The price for a single workshop is 19 eur; special offer 69 euros for the full package of 4. *
Any other comment or information you want to share with the organizers?
Terms and conditions: Workshops will be interactive (active contribution is expected) and are limited to 18 places. The first people to confirm their participation (by paying the fee) will secure the places. Fees are paid in advance and non-refundable (please ask for an electronic receipt). Use the paypal account: I will create waiting lists and have re-runs if there is enough demand. No worries! If a workshop doesn't take place, or is canceled by the organizer, the fees will be fully refunded. *
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