Remote Meal Delivery Survey
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We will be trying something new for the month of January: delivering meals to 16 centralized locations beginning 1/20/21. If you are interested, please indicate below how many children in the household are aged 1-18. Please also indicate if there are allergy concerns.

Meals will be delivered to predetermined bus stops. You will need to come to the bus drop off location at the assigned time to receive your meals. We encourage you to bring a wagon if multiple children in your household receive meals. Each child will receive up to 7 days worth of breakfast and lunch meals, and 1 gallon of milk.

There is no cost for this program as The USDA is providing the meals free through this school year. Children do not need to be present for meal pick up. Meal deliveries will occur between 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Specific route details and times will be emailed once routes are finalized. Please make sure to socially distance; masks are required to pick up meals. All meals will arrive via Licking Heights school bus.
Please enter your email address as this will be our method of communication in relation to meal changes or delivery changes. *
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How many children reside in your household between the ages of 1-18 that need meals? *
Each student is eligible for 1 gallon of milk per week. Please enter how many fat free chocolate, and how many 1% white gallons you would like below. *
Do you have any children who have food allergies? *
Please indicate the allergy below: Please do not select preferences. These need to be documented food allergies. Please check all that apply.
How many of the students need the above allergy meals?
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