Curio Draco Refunds/Work Reminders
In an unfortunate technical mistake, I've lost all my old records from the backlog commissions.

This form is intended to re-collect that missing information so I may issue refunds or update my work queue as needed (there were some things I was still going to at least try to finish)

If you need to find a paypal transaction for a payment sent, as a reminder, it should have been sent to There are very few exceptions to this, so if you're unable to locate it, just send me what information you do have and I'll check my paypal records.

I don't have all the cash on hand right away, but I'm working extra hard right now to earn enough to start issuing refunds. I will do my best to return your payment as soon as I can.

If yours happens to be one of the commissions I was still intending to finish, I'll contact you to sort out the details (as those records on my end have been lost) and put your name in a fresh queue.

FA Username
Or your username of the main site (specify which) you were using at the time you commissioned me
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General Email
This is where I will contact you if any further discussion is needed. **I won't reply to confirm your form submission went through, unless it's one I was going to complete (time constraints)**, but you may note me on FA or Twitter, or Email me at if you require confirmation, or check within a week to see your name queued for a refund.
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Paypal Email
Your answer
Transaction ID
If available. I can look back into my payment history with your paypal Email if necessary, but having the ID would speed up the process.
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Original Amount Paid
A vague range is also acceptable if you don't remember exactly how much. The amount can be verified later when I search my paypal records.
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General Description of Original Commission
To help jog my memory, and in case it's one that I was intending to complete.
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