2018 LHS Lions Fall Sports Survey
Please help us to improve our LHS Athletics programs by completing this brief survey. Responses are anonymous. Information from this survey will be shared with LHS Head Coaches and administration to review the past season and set goals for the future. If you have any questions or concerns relating to this survey or Lions Athletics in general, please contact Chris Enzminger, LHS Athletic Director, cenzminger@lps.k12.co.us, 303-347-7718. GO LIONS!
Survey closes on Sunday, November 18.
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Sport involved with this season (please submit a separate survey for an additional sport) Note-Poms survey will be included with winter sports: *
Level of Sport: *
The student-athlete completed the season. *
I attended the following games/matches/competitions this season: *
The student-athlete was focused on their academics during the season with support from the coaching staff. *
The before and after school tutoring/study hall program was clearly communicated and was beneficial. *
The student-athlete's sport specific skills and abilities improved during the season. *
The student-athlete's level of physical conditioning and fitness improved during the season. *
The student-athlete improved as a teammate, leader, and communicator during the season. *
Players on the team followed and respected team rules and the school code of conduct. *
The Head Coach for this sport is an effective coach, mentor, and leader. *
The coaching staff communicated a clear mission/vision and goals for the team. *
The coaching staff helped the student-athlete develop as a person and player. *
The coaching staff treated the student-athlete in a fair and consistent manner. *
The communication from the coaching staff was clear and consistent. *
Practices were well organized, challenging, and fun. *
Respect and sportsmanship were priorities for this program. *
The LHS administration and Lions Athletic Department were effective in supporting the team and student-athlete this season. *
Please list 2-3 areas of strength for this specific sports program. For example, these items went well this season... *
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Please list 2-3 areas of growth for this specific sports program, with suggestions for improvement. *
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Additional comments or questions for the coaching staff and/or athletic department:
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