Sprinng Literary Movement Fellowship Application (2019 Cohort)
Application eligibility:
1. Must be a Nigerian, living in Nigeria
2. Only open to ages 16-25
3. Only open to writers that have not published a book before (eBook/hardcopy)

Please visit www.sprinng.org/slm-fellowship for more information about the mentorship programme.
If you have further questions and concerns, please send an email to sprinngliterarymovement@aol.com.

Application Questions (Please ensure the information you provide is accurate and well edited):

Email address *
How did you hear about the Sprinng Literary Movement Mentorship Programme (Fellowship)? Select as many options that apply. *
Date of Birth *
Name *
Gender *
Phone Number *
Since email and WhatsApp will be the main mediums of communication for the mentorship, will you be constantly available to respond through these mediums? *
If no, in 2 sentences or less, state why:
A guide to writing your biography
Write your biography using the third person pronoun.
Your biography may include the following:

Your name, Genre of writing, Themes in writing, Goal of writing, Writing-related awards you have received, Future plans for your writing, Personal blog, Favorite books, Favorite Nigerian writers, Hobbies, Interests, Current academic pursuit in school, What school you have attended/plan to attend and course to study, Causes you are passionate about etc.

Note: The list above are only prompts and your biography does not have to be limited to the list.

Tell us about yourself (150 words or less): *
What genre/aspects of literature do you write? *
You can select more than one option.
What genre/aspects of writing are you applying to be mentored in? *
Select only one option.
A Guide to describing your writing style
This section is really describing what an average writing from you would look like. It is asking for what's most common in your writing. Your writing style can include the following:

Top themes in your writing, Average length of your work per line/per page, Categorization of your work (Narrative, Expository, Persuasive, Descriptive, Argumentative etc.), Top literary devices used in your work (Wit, Simile, Hyperbole, Rhymes etc.), A top writer you feel connected to when it comes to writing, What you hope people would take away or learn from your work, The physical construction of your work (if any) etc.

Note: The list above are only prompts to guide the description of your writing style and your writing style does not have to be limited to the list.

Describe your writing style (100 words or less): *
Have your works been published on any literary website? If yes, list up to 5 websites where they have been published. *
Upload one sample of your writing for the genre that you are applying to be mentored in:
For example: If you are applying to be mentored in poetry, submit a poem, if it is fiction, submit a short story etc.
(Only one page per poem/ short story/ essay/ book review in a WORD DOCUMENT: Times New Roman, Font - 12, single spaced)
Do not exceed a page.
Why do you want to be in the SLM Fellowship (200 words or less)? *
Have you ever been in any writing-related mentorship programme? *
Write about a time when you received feedback from someone and what you did with it (200 words or less) *
What do you hope to gain from receiving mentorship through this programme? *
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