Key Worker - Child Provision

As of Monday 25th May 2020 the child care provision we have been offering for key workers will be moved back to Eastlands Primary School.

Please ensure you have read the key-worker letter 05/06 on the letters page on the school website before booking.

There will be no Kitchen provision until wk commencing the 15th June so please ensure you provide your child with a Packed lunch. Access points are through the main school car park, to the rear of the school hall through the side gate at the bottom of the car park adjacent to the playground. The provision will be open from the following times:

8.00am - 4.00pm for Frontline key- workers ie NHS/Medical
8.45am - 3.30pm for other key-worker roles ie Education and Distribution.

Please be advised children are encouraged to wear their school uniform at all times.

If you have already booked for week commencing 8th June and Week commencing the 15th June only use this form for any amendments.

Eastlands Primary School will be open from the 15th June on a phased return for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. In order to comply with social distancing guidance and safe working practices which have been issued by the government we can only accept essential key worker bookings in addition to these year groups when the school re-opens.

With the re-opening of schools the demand for key worker provision is increasing. Therefore if you book a place and no longer require it, please inform the school office through the admin email ASAP and the place can be offered to someone else.

Please see the latest newsletters on the School website which contains informative Key information.

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