Black in Historic Preservation: Job Board Application
Hello and Thank you for your interest in posting your job listing to the Black in Historic Preservation Job Board!
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This Job Board is a service that Black in Historic Preservation provides to the historic preservation community. To align with the Well-Being + Equity component of our Mission, and to help prospective applicants make informed decisions for their job search, employers must meet the following Job Board Criteria, stated on the Black in Historic Preservation website,

In 2-3 business days, employers who meet the Job Board Criteria will receive an invitation to post their job listing(s) and remit payment for their listing(s). For payment options and subscriptions, see the Job Listings Pricing on the Black in Historic Preservation website, .

:: WELL-BEING. Advertise positions relevant to historic preservation.

:: PAY EQUITY. Offer jobs that comply with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

:: PAY EQUITY. Offer compensation commensurate with the qualifications required for the position. We do not accept postings for uncompensated internships. Black in historic Preservation leadership reserves the right to determine if an internship meets the "Call to Action: Labor Equity in Preservation" by Sarah Marsom.

:: PAY EQUITY. For all advertised positions, include a salary, salary range, hourly rate, salary code, or some other measure of compensation.

:: RACIAL EQUITY. For all advertised positions, provide the demographics of the office/department/division where this incumbent employee will work:

:: A Percent (%) Breakdown of Race: Black, White, Multi-Racial, Asian, Indigenous, "Other" is not acceptable - must specify race.

:: RACIAL EQUITY. Report the number of harassment and discrimination claims filed against the employer in the last 10 years, to the extent allowable by law. Complaints include internal and external, at local, state, and federal EEOC levels. Provide the outcome of each complaint.

:: RACIAL EQUITY. Recommended hiring practice for Well-Being and Equity: "Cluster Hires," for example in academia, allow for employers to not tokenize their employees who are People of Color. This hiring practice creates a space of support in predominantly white spaces. For more information, please refer to the following resources (Inclusion of these resources is not an endorsement of these organizations.):

:: San Diego State University, "Cluster Hires of Tenure-Track Faculty to Support the African American Community,", Site accessed 14 April 2021.

:: University of Pittsburgh, "Equity and Well-being Cluster Hire and Retention Initiative,", Site accessed 14 April 2021.

:: University of Washington College of Engineering, "Cluster Hire Initiative,", Site accessed 14 April 2021.

:: HR Daily Advisor, "What is Cluster Hiring?", Site accessed 14 April 2021.

*Criteria, as well as payment structure for the Job Board, inspired by National Council on Public History, Idealist, and Sarah Marsom's advocacy for pay equity in historic preservation careers.

Thank you for your interest,

Kennedy, Founder
Black in Historic Preservation
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