Rocky Mountain Rugby Summer 2021 Competition Interest Form
The RMR Board is actively working on Stage 5, and what matches/competitions will actually look like (e.g. “Contact rugby must be permitted by the local health department and governing union in the region of both competing teams.”). To ease out of the pandemic and to ensure we’re all keeping each other safe, competitive activity for those interested will be centrally coordinated by RMR this summer. Ideally, we’ll have some single-site events for everyone’s first or second competitive activity so we can collaborate on maintaining standards together, but that’s TBD based on clubs’ feedback.

With that in mind, if you're interested in having competition this summer, please fill out this form.

This summer could still encounter bumps if and as the pandemic makes new twists and turns. To that end, we can’t perfectly predict what everything will look like on the road ahead. As of now, the one thing RMR is comfortable in saying is that we will not provide sanctioning or approve match official support for any game/event that is not on the RMR Master Calendar (events will be added to the website as they are approved).

If you would like to plan or schedule activity to include in RMR’s masterplan, you may request permission to do so using the RMR Master Calendar Event Request Form:
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Club Name *
My Club competes as a... *
Note: if your club is a CoEd club organizationally, you must fill out this form separately since clubs compete separately.
My Club intends to play in Summer 2021 *
Note: The RMR Return to Play Competition Date is currently/tentatively set for June 26, 2021.
My Club understands that all competition for Summer 2021 must be explicitly approved by Rocky Mountain Rugby and that only events listed on the 2021 RMR Master Calendar will be sanctioned. *
Master Calendar Event Request Form:  |  Please note that participating in an unsanctioned rugby event may lead to disciplinary action taken against the individual participants as well as any club perceived to be involved in a coordinated effort.
My Club understands that travel outside the region must be approved by Rocky Mountain Rugby, and that all approved/sanctioned events will be listed on the 2021 RMR Master Calendar.
Note: Unions and match organizers share disciplinary and sanctioning authority through collective reciprocity. Attempts to violate RMR's Return to Play Guidelines by playing outside of the RMR region without authorization will result in disciplinary action against those involved.
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Format Interest - Summer 2021
This section is to gauge your interest in the different types of rugby competitions that could take place in Summer 2021. Rocky Mountain Rugby will explicitly announce the first date that competition is permitted. For the purpose of this form, 'Summer 2021' is defined as the first date of return (likely June 19 or June 26) through August 14. The Fall 2021 season will likely begin on either August 21 or August 28. Teams that participate in the 7s National Championship (August 13-15) will likely begin their Fall season either August 28 or September 4.

Rocky Mountain Rugby intends to host a kickoff tournament (or multiple kickoff tournaments) in August regardless of whether or not you intend to play in June-July.

Please note that tournaments will only be possible in size and scale as determined by discussions with health officials.
My Club would be interested in playing in:
For the purpose of this question, please note that any/all tournaments or multi-match events will be conducted in accordance with governmental allowances.
Rocky Mountain Rugby typically sponsors/sanctions between 1 and 2 regional 7s qualifiers each Summer, and the 7s National Championship is still scheduled to be played this August (2021). Even if you don't ordinarily play competitive 7s, would you be interested in competing in a competitive 7s event this summer?
Note: There are 2-3 teams in our area that typically try to seriously qualify for the 7s National Championship. With travel restrictions into our area TBD this summer, it would benefit our region to help prepare those that typically qualify - even if you have no serious intention of qualifying your own club.
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Would you be interested in a RMR-coordinated touch tournament at the end of July or early August - regardless of whether your team intends to play this Summer?
Note: Individual registration as a Senior Player will likely not be required to participate in a touch tournament. This event would be open to groups even if they don't otherwise intend to play this summer.
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Please indicate any type of tournament your club is interested in *hosting* this Summer:
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Ideally, my Club would like to play the following number of weekends this summer:
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Club Confidence Level
On a scale of 1-5, how confident are you that you will have the 'numbers' to participate in XVs competition this summer?
Note: If you are not interested in playing XVs this summer, you may ignore this question.
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On a scale of 1-5, how confident are you that you will have the 'numbers' to participate in 10s competition this summer?
Note: If you are not interested in playing 10s this summer, you may ignore this question.
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On a scale of 1-5, how confident are you that you will have the 'numbers' to participate in 7s competition this summer?
Note: If you are not interested in playing 7s this summer, you may ignore this question.
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Final Thoughts
Please share any final thoughts, comments, or concerns you have regarding Summer 2021:
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