CEDEL2 (L1 English-L2 Spanish)
This is the CEDEL2 version for native speakers of English who are learners of Spanish. Please scroll down to the 'What is CEDEL2' section.

If you are a native speaker of Spanish, please go to: http://www.learnercorpora.com

CEDEL2: Corpus Escrito del Español L2
What is CEDEL2?
▪ CEDEL2 is part of a research project at the Universidad de Granada (Spain).
▪ We are investigating how people learn Spanish.
▪ CEDEL2 is a corpus (=database) containing the language produced by learners of Spanish, which will help researchers investigate how people learn certain aspects of Spanish.
▪ So far we have collected nearly 1 million words from nearly 3,000 volunteers who are learning Spanish all over the world (USA, UK, New Zealand, Spain, Greece, etc).

How can you participate?
▪ You are simply requested to fill in some information about your linguistic background and then write a short text in Spanish. This text will be part of the corpus. Finally, you will complete a placement test to know your level of Spanish.
▪ The data you provide are anonymous.

What can you get from it?
▪ Immediately after participating, you will know your level of Spanish grammar.
▪ Additionally, if you are interested, we can send you a certificate of participation from the Universidad de Granada.
▪ Your participation will help the research community better understand how people learn Spanish!

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