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Ready to Take the Next Steps Toward Reparations?

Dr. Kelly Sherman-Conroy (Oglala Lakota) is inviting you to join her in walking the path of reparations with Indigenous Peoples. She believes that reparations are more than just education and awareness. They are about taking concrete steps to undo the harm that has been done and to build relationships of trust and solidarity with Indigenous Peoples.

If you are interested in taking the next steps toward reparations, you are invited to join the first Reparations Cohort. This new cohort will provide resources and support to faith communities, schools, and organizations that are committed to education, solidarity, and reparative action alongside Indigenous Peoples.

What the Cohort Will Do:

  • Provide a 8 month intentional learning community with gatherings on Zoom and in person.
  • Continued planning to keep your cohort meeting after the 8 months
  • Cultivate relationships within the cohort and Indigenous communities.
  • Provide educational resources on the Doctrine of Discovery and its impact on Indigenous peoples.
  • Support faith communities in creating Land Acknowledgment statements.
  • Connect faith communities with Indigenous leaders and organizations.
  • Each month, cohorts will meet to process and support one another’s work, explore new practices, and build meaningful relationships.

Next Steps:

  • Fill out this form
  • If selected, a $2000 fee will be asked to join the cohort
  • If selected, a detailed timeline will be given
  • Start thinking about a group to represent your community
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We acknowledge that the fee if selected is $2000.  This will help with Indigenous guests and resources that will be included in this cohort experience. 
Tell Kelly about your faith community. (who are you, why are you signing up to be a part of the cohort?)
What work has your faith community done so far in reparations with Indigenous people. ( It is ok if you have not started and this is your starting point)
Name 5 people who could be a part of your Reparations Cohort Team
What else does Kelly need to know?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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