Special Education Parent Survey
What level of school did your child attend when this meeting was held? *
What school or program does your child attend? (OPTIONAL)
At the IEP meeting, school staff helped me to feel welcomed and a valued part of my child's IEP team. *
The IEP team considered my child's strengths. *
I was asked to share my views and opinions with the IEP team members. *
The topics discussed were brought to me in a meaningful and clear manner. *
I believe that my child's goals were accurately based on their needs. *
I had enough time to discuss all portions of the IEP. *
My questions and concerns have been addressed satisfactorily. *
I left the meeting confident and knowledgeable about the educational plan of action for my child. *
I was offered a copy of the draft documents discussed. *
Additional Comments (optional)
Do you have any questions or concerns regarding your student’s IEP meeting? If you would like The Office of Special Education to contact you, please fill out your full name and phone number below. The Office of Special Education can also be reached at 970-348-6103.
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