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This form is for submitting NEW walks.

IF YOU DON'T GET A 'THANK YOU WINDOW' after you hit Submit, check that you have filled in all the REQUIRED questions.
HINT: Scroll through the form and look for RED lines around a box.

To CHANGE A WALK already on the program, click this link below. Otherwise scroll down.
http://www.bushclub.org.au/OnlineForms/WalkSubmissions/ChangeWalkDetailsForm.htm and fill in the brief details.

Walk type
To change a walk already on the program, click the link above (preferred) or email the updates co-ordinator bushclubsnw@gmail.com.
Activity type *
Bushwalking Australia has asked us to use these categories for insurance purposes. Please choose from the drop-down list the one that BEST fits your walk.
Date of day walk or first date of a multi-day walk
Start DAY
Choose the DAY of the walk or the starting day of a trip, if known.
Start DATE *
Choose the DATE of the walk or the starting date of a trip if known.
Start MONTH *
Choose the month of the day walk or the month a trip begins.
Start year *
End date of a multi-day trip
Use these next date boxes ONLY if your walk lasts more than one day.
Choose the last DAY of a trip, if known.
Choose the LAST date of the trip if known.
Choose the month the trip finishes.
If you think your walk is between grades, choose the higher number. Use the description to give more information. If your submission is an ABSEILING CANYON, give the grade of the walk here and include the GRADING for the CANYON in your walk description. If your trip is KAYAKING, choose Kayak instead of a grade and have members contact leader for assessment of suitability. A 'COMMERCIAL walk' is a walk led by a commercial operator, it's not graded and club insurance does not apply. If a walk is just an overseas walk led by our own leader, then it is graded, although club insurance still doesn't apply.
Choose the best description for your pace on this walk compared with how most other leaders might walk. Feel free to add more detail in the Walk Description.
LTW (Leader training walk), SEA (for a harder walk at a supportive pace, to encourage confidence for walkers ready to move on to harder walks)
Membership qualifying walk or not *
Please read below and choose carefully. Member Qualifying walks must be grade 3 or higher, but not all grade 3 or higher walks are suitable. Please check the grading guidelines if you are unsure (http://www.bushclub.org.au/down/GradingGuide.pdf). If you are happy that your walk is appropriate for a Member Qualifying walk, please check ‘M’. Otherwise, check ‘Not M’.
Walk area *
eg Berowra Valley NP, Mt Victoria area, Northern Beaches, GNW
Your answer
Walk title
Brief summary eg Berowra to Cowan, Historic Passes of Narrowneck (optional)
Your answer
Route and description *
Include any significant individual climbs (put total climbs in separate section), track quality, off-track sections, scrambles etc. You must mention if this is a JOINT WALK with another club. See the notes on What to include in the description (http://www.bushclub.org.au/down/ForLeaders/LeadersWalkNotes/Describing_a_walk_Jan2018.pdf) plus our guidelines for joint walks from our Policies and guidelines web page.
Your answer
Distance *
No need to include 'km'. Use '0' or NA if it's social or training.
Your answer
Total climbs *
Please add a rough TOTAL ascents figure or type Minor, Flat, Level, Nil, No major etc if less than 100m. ADD MORE DETAIL eg any major individual climbs or descents, IN THE WALK DESCRIPTION SECTION.
Your answer
eg Parramatta River
Your answer
Transport and meeting arrangements
(Can leave blank if arrangements are to contact leader). If car pooling/sharing, mention costs - see formula
Your answer
Leader *
Your answer
Contact details *
Put preferred contact listed first. Press Enter to put each contact detail on a new line. Please use the format: 1234 1234 for landline numbers, or 1234 123 123 for mobiles.
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Add any comments for the Approval Committee eg if there are other dates you could consider for this walk. Not for publication.
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