Military nurses and paramedics
In Italy, the education and qualifications of military and civilian nurses and paramedics are not equally recognized. Care practices and treatment procedures may also be very different. In order to promote further synergies between military and civilian sectors, ASSODIPRO would highly appreciate if you could share your national experiences regarding the topic.
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Q.1.1. Do nurses and paramedics receive the same education in the civilian sector and the military sector in your country (before the specific military training)?
Q.1.2. If you answered "no" to the previous question, which bodies are in charge of the education and training of nurses and paramedics in your national armed forces?
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Q.1.3. Should nurses and paramedics only receive a military education and training, are their qualifications recognized in the civilian sector and vice versa?
Q.2.1. Are care practices and treatment procedures the same in the civilian sector and the military sector in your country?
Q.2.2. Do specific policies and measures exist to promote synergies between the military and the civilian nurses and paramedics (they might need to operate together or ensure the continuity of care) ?
Q.2.3. If you answered "yes" to the previous question, please describe how it works in practice (e.g. joint trainings, joint cooperative structures, partnerships, regular meetings to exchange best practices,...).
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Q.3. Is there anything you would like to add on this topic and share as experience or best practice?
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