Cora Reilly's 2020 Book Signings Pre-Order Form
This form will allow you to pre-order Cora’s books on signing day. In 2020 there are currently five book signing events that Cora will be attending. The first is in Washington, DC on 26-29th March, the second in Edinburgh on 26-27th June, the third in Lexington, KY on 2-3rd Oct, the fourth in Las Vegas on 23-25th October and the fifth in Florida on 6-8th November. You will receive a invoice leading up to the event. All books you preorder must be paid for a month before the signing so Cora can guarantee to have them. All paperbacks are priced at $15. Thank you!

Event Group links~

ApollyCon 2020:
RARE Edinburgh 2020:
Authors in the Bluegrass 2020:
LoveNVegas 2020:
Shameless Book Con 2020:

ApollyCon pre-order is now CLOSED!
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