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In the midst of its Tricentennial in 2018, New Orleans faces incredible opportunities and even more significant challenges. Many will celebrate the unique history of the city by looking back. New Orleans Architecture Foundation in partnership with AIA New Orleans believes the legacy and cultural heritage of New Orleans is best honored by proactively asking visionaries across all media: how would you envision New Orleans over the next 300 years?

Considering environment, cultural identity, equity, and smart growth, futureNOLA seeks proposals that envision opportunities and solutions for New Orleans over the next 300 years. futureNOLA invites creatives of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and professions to take part in imagining this future.

Throughout 2018 we will engage in an International Call for Ideas, Exhibition, Gala, and Publication, collectively offering a platform for individuals and teams to share their future of “The Crescent City” with professionals, politicians, and the public.

The International Call for Ideas has been crafted to allow submissions of all types (visual, text, audio, video, etc.) through September 2018. Submissions will be considered for recognition in the Exhibition and reviewed by a high-profile, multidisciplinary jury. Selected participants may be chosen to be flown to New Orleans, if not local, to present their ideas at the opening of the Exhibition and Gala, and prominently featured in the Publication. All submissions will be published either digitally or physically.

In January 2019, a curated Exhibition will open, showcasing visions and ideas with presentations by participants and members of the jury. The opening will coincide with a Beaux Arts Ball themed Gala.

futureNOLA, in all of its parts, will be documented in the form of a digital and printed Publication that will include all submissions to the Call for Ideas, images of the Exhibition and Gala, summaries, and conclusions. This will be shared with knowledge leaders in and around New Orleans with the goal of inspiring future visions to be planned for and implemented.

Working Groups
1. Call for Ideas: The futureNOLA Call for Ideas aims to highlight the best visions for the future of New Orleans through four broad lenses: geography, cultural identity, smart resilient growth, and equity. Submissions will be welcome from anyone across the world to contribute their vision in any medium.

2. Exhibition: The futureNOLA exhibition will showcase competition submissions from the Call for Ideas, along with data and outreach efforts during the tricentennial in 2018.

3. Gala and Beaux Arts Ball: To celebrate the opening of the exhibition, futureNOLA will host a New Orleans-style “Beaux Arts Ball,” a tradition in architecture and design schools, with the theme of the next 300 years. The Gala and Ball Committee will work in close collaboration with the New Orleans Architecture Foundation and the Exhibition Committee.

4. Publication: To document the futureNOLA entry submissions, competition information, the exhibition, the gala and ball, and efforts moving forward, a book will be designed and produced for publication. This effort is a call to action, with the publication meant to assist future initiatives.

5. Partnerships / Fundraising: The goal of futureNOLA is to also think big with partnerships and sponsors, and plan to involve a wide range of local, national, and international partners and supporters.

6. General Volunteers! All are welcome!

Select your interest below and help us lead a visionary effort for our city in 2018!

Project Schedule
Nov. 15, 2017 Initial Partners and Sponsors Confirmed
Nov. 30, 2017 Website formally launches
February 1, 2018 Registration and Submissions Open
February 15, 2018 Registration Closes
April 30, 2018 Submission Deadline
May - June 2018 Jury Convenes
May - August 2018 Curation of Entries/Exhibit
Sept 26 - 28, 2018 Exhibition Opening / Announcement of Winners / Beaux Arts Ball
Oct. 31, 2018 End of Exhibition
Jan. 15, 2019 Publication is Released
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