2021-2022 Mudra Dance/Mudra Taiko Registration (Covid)
In the interest of creating socially distant classes that are safe for everyone, we are asking all dancers/drummers (even those who have registered before) to fill out this form. We will take preferences into account, and do whatever we feel is safest for our students. That could mean that things change at any point throughout the year, in either direction. But for now, we are excited to start classes, and we believe if we all follow the rules, we can find a way to dance together in a safe way. Refer to the email for video of the process of entering the studio.

Covid rules are as follows:
• 8-12 ft distanced, staggered dancers/drummers (refer to the image)
• temperature checks at the door
• form completion 24 hours before class
• closure of dressing room & communal water fountain
• 1 bag per person required, which should fit all belongings in it
• students may bring their water bottle into the studio room and keep it within their designated area
• direct route from door to studio, without crossover
• sanitizing station at entrance to lobby and to each dance studio
• sanitization of barres, floors, and frequently touched surfaces
• drop-off only for all students
• contactless payment
• staggered arrival and departure times (by last names) to reduce lobby gathering
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Phone Number (for class related contact purposes) *
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Class you attend - for students in multiple classes, choose the higher level (for retuning Mudras only, new dancers please answer "New Mudra") *
Class style preference (dates of attendance for each student will be determined after numbers are in, we will do our best to give each student what works best for them) *
Payment Method (we will be limiting card usage this semester) *
Allergies/Food Restrictions (in the hopes that post-Covid days will allow us to have events with food again)
Emergency Contact Name and Number
Previous dance/drum experience
Health Issues we should know about?
Anything else you would like to share?
Dance Floor Layout
Propped Doors
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