Twitter Bounty Submission Form
Necessary! All participants in the whole campaign must cooperate with all the guidelines set out below and have to fill out the correct information in the form. Failure to change incorrect details submitted with this form.

Twitter Bounty Rules:

* Must Join BarterTrade Telegram Channel :
* Bounty Discussion and enquires:
* Follow BarterTrade Official Twitter account :

* You should have Twitter Account which is at least 6 months old
* Twitter Account's Audit score should not be less than 70% on
* Make a tweet about BarterTrade and its features and use the following tags: #AlgoTrading, #Smartexchange, #AITrading, #SocialTrading, #Cryptocurrencies, #Marketplace, #Gamification.
*TWEET Rules.
- Minimum 60 characters tweet.
- Tweets Hashtags:
#AlgoTrading #cryptocurrency #AI #socialtrading #bitcoin #freedom #smartexchange.
- Tweets that are generic and low-quality will NOT be accepted.
- Tweets should be related to BarterTrade.

*Reward Activities*

* Must like and comment on one of the BarterTrade Tweets on Twitter.
- Comments must be at least 40 characters.
- Comments must be positive towards BarterTrade and its features.
BarterTrade features: Algo trading, Social trading, Battle grounds, Spot trading, Margins, Futures, AI trading.
- Negative and short comments are not accepted.
* Must retweet 1(one) tweet from BarterTrade's twitter account.
- Retweet only updated tweets of BarterTrade.
* Hunters can do a maximum of 12 tweets per week and a maximum of 3 tweets per day about BarterTrade
* Submit only 1 tweet, retweet, liked and comment link per entry using this form. Only 1 entry at a time. Multiple entries will not be accepted.

* Check results here:

Rewards structure
- $0.60 in BRT token per qualified activity.
Reward activities
- like+retweet+comment on 1 post= $0.60 in BRT
- Tweet about BarterTrade from own account= $0.60 in BRT

*Important Note*
1.Only update the form using a valid email address that you have a access to.
2. Once the bounty ends and the exchange is live, you will be asked to create an account on BarterTrade using the same email.
3. Once you create the account on BarterTrade, you will create a support ticket and request your bounty rewards.
4. Our support team will verify your claim from the bounty results and the tokens will be credited to your BarterTrade account

For concerns or questions, e-mail us at or Contact our admins on Telegram: @ManmeetBRT @FzBRT

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Submit the link of Tweet that you tweeted from your own account. only 1 entry per submission. Submitted multiple entries in a single form filing will be rejected.
Retweet Link *
Submit the Link to your retweet from Bartertrade Twitter Channel. Submitted multiple entries in a single form filing will be rejected.
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Submit the Liked and Reply Tweet from Bartertrade Twitter Channel. Submitted multiple entries in a single form filing will be rejected.
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