WASC Student Survey 2019
As part of our self-assessment for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which accredits our school's programs, we need your input. Your answers will help us better understand where we are doing well and where we can improve our services.
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Thinking about the classes you are taking at the FUHSD Adult School, please answer the following questions.
In which program(s) are you currently enrolled? *
When do you take your classes? *
How many hours a week do you attend classes at the FUHSD Adult School? *
At which location do you take most of your current classes? *
The teacher in my class is knowledgeable about the subject he/she is teaching. *
My teacher comes to class well prepared and organized. *
My teacher gives students opportunities to work both independently and in small groups. *
My teacher uses a variety of strategies and teaching methods to support all students. *
My teacher interacts positively and professionally with all students. *
I am encouraged to use critical thinking and problem solving skills in my class. *
My teacher gives me feedback that is clear and helpful. *
The tests or assessments used in this class are a fair measure of my ability. *
This class is helping me progress towards my goals. *
I am able to apply what I learn in school to my everyday life. *
I have received information about community events, field trips and/or volunteer opportunities through the FUHSD Adult School. *
Are you aware that our Adult School provides support services such as the Learning Resource Center and information about financial aid? *
Please check any of the Adult School services that you have used. *
What services beyond those listed above do you think the Adult School should provide its students?
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In what ways have the classes you have taken at the Adult School helped you? Please check all that apply. *
The FUHSD Adult School programs helped me meet my goals. *
Please add anything you would like about your experiences with FUHSD Adult School's classes, staff or services.
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