2022 Endorsement Application - U.S. Congress Candidates
If you are a declared U.S. House or Senatorial candidate and would like to be considered for endorsement by ROC Action, the national leader in advocacy for restaurant workers' rights, please fill out the form.
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Only candidates who are fully committed to make the following pledges will be considered:

1. Intent to endorse the Restaurant Workers' Bill of Rights (RWBOR) in its entirety when it's finalized on Labor Day. The Bill will center thriving wages, extensive paid leave to heal and rest, a safe and dignified work environment, universal healthcare and bodily autonomy, and participation in governance. Visit rocaction.info for updates.
2. Intent to publish an official pledge to support RWBOR on their website and on all social media, within a week of publishing the Bill on Labor Day.
3. Pledge to vote for raising of the federal minimum wage to at least $15 per hour and removing carve-outs for any subgroup of workers, such as tipped workers, young workers, or workers with disability.
4. Pledge to publicly support efforts to win a living/thriving wage at any local or state level.
5. Pledge to vote for or publicly support a true universal healthcare bill that leads to a system where quality, accessible healthcare is a right and not a privilege dependent on one’s means.
6. Pledge to vote for and publicly support universal childcare.
7. Pledge to support human rights of all people equally and consistently in the United States and around the world.
8. Pledge not to take any contribution from PACs connected to the “other” NRA (National Restaurant Association) and the restaurant industry.
9. Pledge not to take any contributions from PACs connected to other corporations and business interests.

Do you pledge to each item, 1 through 9, as outlined above in the Qualification section? *
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