University of Oxford - Data Science for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Please complete this self-assessment of your knowledge and experience before applying for the Data Science for the Internet of Things (IoT) course at the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education.

You will be asked to rate your familiarity, on a 5-point scale from excellent to poor, with each of the following subjects:
- Maths and Statistics,
- IoT Technologies,
- Programming Languages,
- Big Data and Data Science,
- Algorithms and Visualisation, and
- IoT Verticals.

This self-assessment is a pre-requisite for the course. Please set aside 5 - 10 minutes to complete it.

Important: We do not expect you to have knowledge or experience in all of the areas on this questionnaire! The information requested is to allow us to get a fuller picture of your skills and background.

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