Dwordly Game: Feedback
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Have you played other word games (Wordle, Wordscapes, etc)? *
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Did you check out the (?) help popup for example games and how-to-play instructions? *
Were you able to learn and understand the game and how to play? *
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Do you feel you understand the objective of Dwordly? *
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Did you find Dwordly fun and/or engaging? *
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Would you share Dwordly with friends or family and invite them to play? *
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If Dwordly offered additional features FOR FREE (syncing game history between devices, social media sharing, etc) if you signed up for an account (name, email), would you be interested? *
If Dwordly offered premium features (variations of game play objectives, head-to-head or battle-royale modes, hints, social leaderboards, removal-of-ads, etc), would those kinds of paid-for features be interesting to you? *
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