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Interested in joining our project as a recording ensemble? Please fill out the form below! And We Were Heard is a collaborative recording project that pairs underrepresented composers with wind bands to generate quality reference recordings of the composer's work. Learn more about us at www.andwewereheard.org.
Fill out the form for EACH ensemble you direct that you would like involved in the project. For instance, if you are a high school director with two quality bands you would like to record, fill out this form twice.
A representative from our organization will be in touch to begin working on your first recording project!
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We request that you time your collaborative recording process to complete the recording within a school semester. If you are unable to devote the time to the project within one school semester, you are allowed a total of two semesters to complete the project. Please request this extension as soon as you are aware of your need for it. Respond to this question with when you would like your collaboration to begin.
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Please upload a reference audio file of this ensemble OR include a link to a recording below:
This helps us to vet your ensemble as a quality candidate for our project.
If you cannot upload an audio file of your ensemble, please paste a link to a recording of your ensemble here:
I understand that I will be sent TWO scores (inventory allowing) to select from when beginning a collaborative recording project. Once I have selected a work, my ensemble will complete the recording project within a school semester. If an extension of one school semester is needed, I will request this extension ASAP. I will regularly communicate with my collaborative composer and deliver the highest quality recording possible. My ensemble and the composer will both retain non-commercial, promotional rights to the recording. The recording (with proper citation) will be posted on andwewereheard.org, the composer's website, and elsewhere. In exchange, my ensemble has permission to perform the piece ONCE during the semester of recording free of charge. My ensemble may also purchase the piece for our library at a 50% discount from its listed price. *
Below, please nominate any directors, ensembles, or composers you believe should be involved in this project and we will reach out to them:
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